The DCS Covenant Checklist℠

A Streamlined, Risk-Evaluated Quarterly Questionnaire

DCS offers a quickly implemented quarterly review that is affordable and effective. It uses the robust questionnaire and reporting engine of the DCS Debt Manager℠.

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Lenders Have the Same Covenants

Lenders have the same objectives in their debt agreements and have the same covenants, differing only in their defined terms. Building on 15 years of reviewing thousands of debt agreements, we have identified the 48 covenants that are in all debt agreements and 12 more that are common in speculative-grade agreements.

Implementation in Less than a Day

It will take no more than four hours to work with your team to conform the questionnaire to fit your covenants, risks, and circumstances. This includes allocating the questions to colleagues in Treasury, Legal, Tax, Insurance, Controller’s, EH&S, HR, and the business units.

No respondent training is necessary. Respondents receive an email to start, login, and select their questionnaire(s) to answer.

Your team will have an additional two training hours in understanding the system and managing the first and subsequent compliance quarters. Additional tech support is provided.

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Identify only relevant subjects and questions


Customize the questions to your debt covenants


Add or edit questions for any covenants unique to your company


Ask easy-to-answer questions with minimal legalese and no materiality judgments


Manage the quarterly review with email reminders and robust reporting


After researching the questionnaire’s covenant issues against your debt agreements, update the Covenant Issue Evaluation Report for the Treasurer and CFO.

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